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University of Malaya Malaysian Life Science Accelerator (MyLiSA), is a program aiming to serve as a one-stop accelerator platform of choice in translating Universiti Malaya life science proprietary technologies into validated marketable products, processes and services. The outcome of this accelerated development will then be translated commercially to the market via various routes including but not limited to technology licensing, start-up or spin-offs companies especially via the UMCIC Technopreneur Program. 

UM researchers had successfully developed various inventions and innovations from their research activities that offer a potentially significant socio-economic impact on Malaysian society. Exploitation of these diagnostic technologies to produce commercially viable kit is critical because medical progress hinges on the successful translation of basic science discoveries into new medical devices, diagnostic, and therapeutics. However, most of these innovations and inventions did not launch into the market due to numerous barriers, including technical, organizational-economic and system barriers to flow the innovations from the research bench to commercial entities. Therefore, in line with the objectives of establishment, MyLiSA will supply necessary facilities, equipment, funding and mentorship for product development focusing on life sciences generally and in vitro diagnostic specifically. MyLiSA will also organize workshops on quality management system in accordance to Malaysia standard, laboratory equipment and practices. 


In accordance with University of Malaya’s vision, MyLiSA aims to be a renowned one-stop accelerator platform of choice in translating life science proprietary technologies into validated marketable products, processes and services. 


MyLiSA’s main mission is to successfully translate UM intellectual properties and proprietary technologies in life sciences from the basic research bench to commercial entities adhering to world standard diagnostic products and testing accredited with ISO 17025 and ISO 13485 certifications.

Last Updated: 22/04/2020