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UMXcelerate (UMX)



body{ min-width:900px; ) UMXcelerate (UMX)  is a professionally managed, multi-disciplinary service incubator, which focuses on accelerating commercialization of UM innovations and facilitates technology uptake by industries.  Provide incubator facilities at UMXcelerate (UMX) & Incubator@5;  Professionally managed service incubator; Accelerating commercialization of UM innovations and technologies; Facilitating technology uptake by industry; Provision of high-end technology services to ...

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1 Business Pod
1 Spin-Off Company
1 MyLisa Equipment
Rental Space


We amplify ambitious people and companies to stand out for amazing results in pursuit of a better in life and business.

Why Choose UMX

Incubator Service

Multiple-sized incubator rooms and facilities available for rent at UMX Complex & Incubator@ Level 5, (RIMC) at great price.

University of Malaya Malaysian Life Science Accelerator (MyLiSA)

One-stop, first-of-its-kind accelerator platform of choice in translating UM life science proprietary technologies into validated marketable products, processes, and services.

Home of Business & Service Pods

Great pioneer program to translate UM community and researches into commercialization.

Startup Service

We provide assistance for UM community to establishing their own start-up and spin-off companies.

Basic Commercialization Training

Series of essential in-house trainings on technology transfer and commercialization.

UM Deep Tech 2 U (UMDT2U)

24-weeks intensive training from ideas to start-up business prospect for the selected candidates. Attractive start-up grants offered.

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